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Many 401(k) plans shortchange the people they're supposed to help - namely, hard-working employees. But you don't have to settle for the status quo. You can build a better 401(k) with the help of Benefits Solutions Group, Inc. and Bill Cohron.

Bill is an independent 401(k) planner, a Retirement Planning Specialist who provides businesses with cost-effective, customized retirement and benefit plans.

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Bill Cohron
Retirement Planning Specialist
PLANSPONSOR Retirement Professional, PRP
601 Bel-Air Blvd., Suite 101
Mobile, AL 36606-3526
(251) 633-401K (4015)
(251) 338-2980


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Bill Cohron is a registered representative of and offers securities through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA / SIPC
Advisory services offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc.
6451 N Federal Highway, Ste 1201, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33308 (954) 782-4771
Benefits Solutions Group, Inc., is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc., or Kovack Advisors, Inc.
William Cohron is registered in AL, CA, FL, LA, and MS.